A great French woman realizes the car of the Weasley in Harry Potter

May 11, 20226 min

Fans of “Harry Potter” have no limits to expressing their passion for the universe of the little wizard with glasses. For example, the incredible transformation of a car that looks like the one that appears in the movies.

During the production of the second part of his adventures, Harry is confronted – once is not customary – with a new situation. He meets Dobby, a house-elf who invites himself to the young wizard’s uncle and aunt’s house.

Dobby is certain: Harry Potter must not return to Hogwarts under any circumstances. Very determined to achieve his ends, Dobby makes sure that the boy is punished by the Dursleys. True to form, his uncle locks him up and adds bars to his windows. Harry then has little time to despair, since some members of the Weasley family are not long in coming to save him. A rescue that could not be more atypical, because they use a flying car!

The car is part of the story of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It is thanks to this car that Harry and Ron finally arrive at Hogwarts when the wall of King’s Cross refuses to open on their way. It is also the car that saves their lives when, weeks later, the two friends are attacked by giant spiders.

The true connoisseurs of JK Rowling’s work surely know it, but Arthur Weasley’s car is a blue Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe. For the anecdote, the author was inspired by one of her relatives, who owned this particular model. The difference is that in her books, the vehicle can fly and become invisible. Options that could come in handy in real life!

The Frenchwoman Cécile Darribet is a very assiduous fan of the magical world of Harry and his friends. As a proof, her store in Gironde, “Baguettes et Sortilèges”, is dedicated to the wizard’s world. For the store’s third anniversary, she wanted to surprise the aficionados of the boy who survived. Thus, the witch in the making made her customers discover the replica of the Weasley’s flying car, restored to its original condition. Discover the amazing result below!

During an interview with the newspaper, Le Républicain, Cécile Darribet explains that she went to great lengths to find the exact model of the vehicle. The car almost passed under her nose.

I did not hesitate to go to the south of France, near Montpellier, to recover it. It was a crazy story because I was stopped several times by the confinements…

As the famous adage in the comic strip, Tintin, “all’s well that ends well”! Cécile Darribet was able to get her hands on the car of her dreams. Once the vehicle was acquired, she tells us that she went around the body shops explaining her project.

Cécile Darribet absolutely wanted all the parts to remain original. The red seats were turned blue to match the Harry Potter car. It’s really the same now!

The restored Ford dates back to 1961, the car still seems to have a great future. Its owner confirms that it drives very well, except when it’s too cold. In any case, in the expert hands of its owner, it doesn’t risk crossing a knocking willow!

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