In Top Gun Maverick, Tom Cruise becomes a legend

May 13, 20225 min

The film “Top Gun: Maverick” is above all a film to the eternal glory of Tom Cruise, an actor and producer harnessed to his childhood, his desire for immortality and his obsession with pushing the limits. A unique and moving film in its intention, and very successful in its performance.

In the film Top Gun: Maverick, which is a direct sequel to 1986’s Top Gun, we sensed that this new outing of Tom Cruise in the pilot’s suit that made him a superstar would have the taste of a first goodbye. Indeed, 36 years after Top Gun, a few months before the canonical age of 60, Tom Cruise could open the conclusion of a large part of his Dantean cinematographic work, before, perhaps, finishing this conclusion in the next Mission: Impossible 7 and 8.

Tom Cruise remains a sure thing because there will still be cinema to play in, cinema to produce, cinema to imagine. But, as Rear Admiral Cain (Ed Harris) explains to him in Top Gun: Maverick, there is no more room for him in the very near future. His answer: “Maybe. But not today”.

Tom Cruise wants to remain immortal and he wants to maintain himself as an action hero and eternal young loner has always been counted. By dint of his frequent rendezvous with death during unique stunts, Tom Cruise has even come to refuse the very concept of death, of the end, of definitive escape. Stuck in his pilot’s cockpit, he is also stuck in his cinema, so tightly coiled with it that they are both interdependent.

Tom Cruise-Maverick is at one with his F-14 Tomcat, then his F-18 Super Hornet, just as Tom Cruise is at one with all his films. So the time has not yet come to take his leave, engines screaming, in the orange sunset that producer Jerry Bruckheimer is so fond of.

Tom Cruise- Top Gun: Maverick, offers a formidable aerial spectacle, far superior – even if less realistic – to that of the first film. The sound of the engines, the sound of the explosions, the whistling of the jets in the air and the photography of an unprecedented sharpness for a very readable action make Top Gun: Maverick the best possible Hollywood show, with planes as well as cameras used at their maximum.

All the actors in the film have lines only with each other. They never exist with each other, except during the introductions sequence at the Hard Deck. Orbiting around the star Tom Cruise, they are only the cannon fodder of his legend. One might think that this is absurd and terribly selfish. But then to see that this absurdity and this selfishness are also of a tragic and cinematographic force exceptional.

Tom Cruise is excellent in his role as pilot of his cinema and his destiny, only his quest for an impossible dream, the attainment of the unattainable star, no matter what his chances are, no matter how long it takes, he knows he will be that hero and his heart is at peace. With Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise has just opened the doors of the Pantheon.

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