The Batman movies ranking

May 13, 20226 min

The character of Batman never ceases to fuel the passion of comic book readers and moviegoers. Since 1966 and the film with Adam West, the Dark Knight has never left the big screen. With the release of “The Batman”, it is more than time to make a ranking of the feature films dedicated to the DC superhero.

Batman & Robin

This is by far the worst movie of the whole Batman license. Directed by Joel Schumacher in 1997, it is the laughing stock of the Man-Bat universe. After a Batman Forever that divided fans and critics, Warner entrusted the direction of Batman & Robin to Joel Schumacher again. On paper, the project had the potential to be exciting, especially thanks to an amazing cast, composed of international stars of the time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mister Freeze, Chris O’Donnell played Robin, Uma Thurman played Poison Ivy, and above all George Clooney became the new Batman. And then, for the first time, the story brought Batgirl to the forefront, who had no place in the film adaptations until now.

Lego Batman, The Movie

Surfing on the success of The Great Lego Adventure, Warner decided to derive the concept with a Lego Batman movie. Released in 2015, and directed by Chris McKay, the proposal is a generous but gruelling roller coaster. The filmmaker completely mocks the Batman universe and is aimed more at hardcore fans than the general public. Noisy, colourful and eccentric, it is not recommended for epileptics.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

This is the most underrated Batman movie. Yet in front of Zack Snyder’s camera, actor Ben Affleck is extremely convincing as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Released in 2016, Batman V Superman anchors itself in the DC Extended Universe. Zack Snyder takes the opportunity to stage a titanic confrontation against Superman. The filmmaker, in addition to offering visually stunning images, draws up fascinating and tasty mythology on the notion of superheroes, in an almost religious way.

The Dark Knight

This is a must-see. In 2008, Christopher Nolan simply signed one of the best superhero movies of all time. An undisputed masterpiece of the genre, The Dark Knight is a terribly dark proposal of the DC superhero. The filmmaker draws up a violent odyssey, led by the incredible madness of the Joker. The film obviously owes a lot to Heath Ledger, legendary in the skin of the demonic clown. He paints a portrait of an ambiguous, manipulative, intelligent and simply exceptional villain.

The relationship he has with the protagonist is perfectly representative of that of the comics. Christopher Nolan offers a dark and theatrical direction and creates a realistic vision of Gotham. Aided by Hans Zimmer’s imposing music, The Dark Knight is the undisputed pinnacle of the Batman films.

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