The plans to dub the Attack on Titan OADs

May 3, 20223 min

Fans of Attack on Titan can expect special treatment from Crunchyroll. According to a statement from the streaming service, new dubbing for the anime will soon be available. The specials are currently being dubbed and will begin airing next week, after the OADs were made available on the service last year.

Crunchyroll has confirmed that it plans to dub the Attack on Titan OADs. Starting May 8, all eight episodes will be dubbed and new episodes will be released each week. Isle’s Notebook will be the first OAD to be dubbed.


Episodes 2-3 will cover the short films The Sudden Visitor and Distress after the dubbing of the first OAD. The manga No Regrets will be adapted into two new episodes of Attack on Titan. English dubbing will be added to the last three episodes of Attack on Titan: Lost Girls.

Fans of Attack on Titan will be happy to see these dubbings, even if they are not new in the fandom. This will keep them busy while waiting for the return of the fourth season of the anime. Earlier this year, the season of Attack on Titan ended with a climax that promised a sequel in 2023. After ten years of existence, Attack on Titan will end with some final episodes the following year. As you can imagine, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the series, but some are eager for more. So they won’t be thinking about much at the moment.

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