Christophe Gans unveils his new film

June 9, 20224 min

Fifteen years after his film “Silent Hill”, Christophe Gans gives us news about an upcoming film based on the video game license. The director announces a kind of reboot with a new story and new characters.

Fifteen years ago, Christophe Gans offered one of the rare adaptations of video games really outstanding with Silent Hill. The director tackled a big piece. One of the best survivor horror novels on Playstation in 1999. If we had to describe this license in two words, we would say in all simplicity that it is a pure nightmare. And Gans managed to reproduce this disturbing atmosphere in his work, while bringing some variations.

The discovery of Sharon, a ten year old girl with strange behavior. Indeed, during her sleepwalking attacks, she calls a place called Silent Hill. Desperate, her mother Rose decides to go to this ghost town. But after a car accident on the road, Sharon disappeared. Rose will do everything to find her daughter in this mysterious place full of scary creatures.

For a first try with Silent Hill, it was a success at the worldwide box office, bringing in almost twice its budget of 50 million dollars. While we expected a sequel signed by Christophe Gans, it was a disappointment and finally M. J. Bassett who directed the disappointing Silent Hill: Revelation in 2012.

But ten years later, we finally have good news from the French filmmaker. On the occasion of the re-release of Pact of the Wolves in 4K, Christophe Gans talked to us about his next projects. He gave us details about a new Silent Hill movie he is preparing.

He announces a new story with new characters in the town of Silent Hill. The director explains himself by saying that in the franchise, few games answer each other, like an anthology. Moreover, he adds that today’s audience will probably not have seen the first film. For him, it is “a new audience with new reference points”. This makes the idea of a “reboot” all the more coherent.

Christophe Gans would have already written the script (taking advantage of the time given during the Covid period). And the production would be assured by Victor Hadida, brother of Samuel Hadida who produced Gans’ films. We hope to start shooting very soon, but no release date has been made official.

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