Star Guy Ritchie to direct Hercules remake

June 20, 20225 min

Very big news has just fallen for the Disney fans! The famous animated feature film “Hercules” will be adapted into live-action under the direction of Guy Ritchie.

Released in 1997, Hercules is the fiftieth animated feature film from the famous Disney Studios. The story of the film revolves around the legendary hero and therefore logically takes place in ancient Greece. Shortly after Zeus’ victory over the Titans, now locked in Tartarus, his wife Hera gives birth to a baby boy. While the gods celebrate this birth, Hades, the brother of the god with the lightning, conspires to take his place. He thus addresses the Moires – who understand the deities of the destiny -, who announce to him that, in eighteen years, the alignment of the planets will allow the return of Titans.

There is a problem in this potential comeback: the presence of Hercules, who could reverse the situation. Understanding the danger that his nephew represents, Hades decides to take the infant’s life. His henchmen manage to kidnap the child in order to make him drink an elixir capable of making him mortal. Fortunately, Amphitryon and Alcmene, both mortals, manage to thwart their diabolical plan. But, despite everything, what about the prophecy?

Hercules has already been brought to the screen many times. Recently, two feature films telling the story of Hercules have hit theaters – moreover, in the same year, 2014! One of them features actor Kellan Lutz in the lead role, while the second is carried by Dwayne Johnson.

Our colleagues from the Hollywood Reporter tell us that the talented Guy Ritchie will direct this remake of the Disney work. A perilous exercise to which the director is no stranger. Indeed, he was already in charge of the adaptation of Aladdin in 2019. Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott then held the main roles in the film.

This first attempt was successful because the project exceeded one billion at the box office, making it the most profitable film in the Briton. However, Guy Ritchie’s filmography includes some famous works, from Snatch, you rob or you die to the Sherlock Holmes saga.

However, Hercules is still in the writing stage. Writer Dave Callaham, who recently worked on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, is currently working on a first draft of the script. The studio is looking for writers to join the project and work from this first draft. So for now, it’s impossible to know if the remake will follow its original to the letter – including its musical sequences. On the production side, the Russo brothers will accompany the project through their company!

There is a fashion for live-action remakes that is more than ever in full swing. We will soon be able to see the adventures of Snow White, with Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot as the queen. Also, a version of The Little Mermaid, with Javier Bardem, Melissa McCarthy and Halle Bailey, will be released next year!

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