The best stunts from the next Mission Impossible movie

June 14, 20224 min

The star is everywhere, on all the screens. Tom Cruise ‘vole’ from success to success, number 1 at the world box office with Top Gun 2. A winning return for Maverick, more than thirty-five years after the first film directed by Tony Scott. The sequel has already earned more than 600 million dollars and should, according to forecasts, earn enough more to approach the billion-dollar mark (or even exceed it?). But we are already looking elsewhere, to other skies, with Mission Impossible 7 expected in 2023.

The mega-success of the “Mission Impossible” legend will continue with two next feature films, shot one after the other, which could mark the end for Ethan Hunt’s character. Indeed, Mission Impossible 7 and 8 are for the moment titled Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part 1 and Part 2. A diptych that will be marked once again by crazy stunts led by Tom Cruise himself. Already, the impressive trailer of the seventh opus has filled our eyes. A smartly made video because it insists on action scenes without revealing too much. But according to recent statements, the eighth film will push the envelope even further.

Eddie Hamilton is an editor, who worked on Top Gun 2, the two previous Mission Impossible films and the two upcoming ones. In an interview with Screenrant, he explains that he spent three months in South Africa earlier this year, where the third act of Mission Impossible 8 was filmed. And what he saw really impressed him because, according to him, the stunts proposed by Tom Cruise will be simply “historic”.

“I swear, some of the things he does are historic. I’m not exaggerating. You go watch it and you, Tom have done it again. He’s really done it again. And, honestly, it’s amazing to be able to have a front-row seat to that kind of stuff. There are going to be moments in Mission Impossible 8 where you’re going to get that same kind of feeling and you’re not going to believe your eyes. Two more years of waiting and you’ll see.”

Eddie Hamilton is more than complimentary and sells an incredible film in terms of action. It must be said that with each film Tom Cruise tries to offer the audience more and more crazy things. For Top Gun 2, he didn’t miss the opportunity to fly a fighter plane himself. And for MI7, he would have done the most dangerous stunt of his career. If he manages to do, even more, it promises an exceptional moment. An “extraordinary cinematic experience” as Eddie Hamilton describes it.

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