The famous series has become mythical

June 21, 20223 min

Even though the manga by Koyoharo Gotoge has already come to an end, Demon Slayer is still one of the most popular Shonen franchises in existence. In 2023, after the conclusion of the Entertainment District Arc in season two, a new season will begin with the Swordsmith Village Arc. In the meantime, North American fans can look forward to a new art book from the mangaka responsible for Tanjiro’s journey, which is expected to be released in the near future.

To wrap up the second season of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro and the young members of the Demon Slayer Corps defeated Gyutaro and Daki, two of the most powerful demons the team had faced so far. As both of the show’s antagonists met their end in the last moments of season two, the greatest warriors under Muzan’s thrall, the head of the demons that began the adventure of Tanjiro and Nezuko by eliminating their family members, were alluded at in a veiled manner. It’ll be intriguing to see what kind of work is included in Gotoge’s upcoming art book.

There’s a new look at Viz Media’s upcoming art book from mangaka Hirohiko Ishiguro, the man behind one of the most popular Shonen franchises in recent memory, Demon Slayer, which will debut in the spring of 2019:


So popular is this series that the first film in the Shonen series brought in over $500 million and became the most grossing anime film in history, making this series one to watch out for. Furthermore, the anime series is one of Japan’s most popular, and the manga has even outsold Eiichiro Oda’s pirate epic One Piece, demonstrating just how far the Demon Slayer Corps has come in such a short period of time since its introduction.

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