One Piece takes a break

July 14, 20226263 min

One piece is taking a hiatus this month, but fans will have enough to keep them occupied. After all, creator Eiichiro Oda and his heroes are taking a well-earned break. The Straw Hats have a lot to look forward to, thanks to their final performance and the arrival of Yamato to the team. For the first time, a never-before-seen storyboard has revealed the gender identification of Kaido’s child.

One Piece debuted Kaido’s lone kid a few months ago, and Yamato became a fan favorite. For those who aren’t aware, Yamato made it apparent when the character debuted that they considered himself to be Kozuki Oden’s successor. However, Yamato has been referred to as a woman in One Piece media on more than one occasion. Fans have reacted excitedly, and One Piece: Road to Laugh Tale has decided to join the conversation.

This week, the series has issued an update with a slew of previously unseen Yamato storyboards and sketches. Yamato and Momonosuke discuss their gender identity in a cut-scene broadcasted then. In this preliminary copy, Oda deleted a line in which Yamato explicitly declares that she is a female. Yamato underwent a significant transformation in this deleted scene, as you can tell from her appearance being more feminine than what One Piece fans are used to seeing.

In the Wano Country saga, Yamato is one of the most nuanced characters presented, and we’ll discover more about him as One Piece progresses. The manga’s concluding act will be picked up when Oda returns to work around the end of the summer. Yamato is determined to accompany Luffy for the balance of his journey. And, honestly, what if the character never makes it obvious what gender they identify as? That is entirely within their power to do.

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