The success of manga is incredible

July 28, 20222423 min

Because anime is more popular than ever, it’s easy to see how stressed the industry is. While everyone is happy with the success, the pressure is on everyone involved, from the artists to the directors to the animators. Many individuals are still clamoring to get into the anime industry, despite the challenges. One of the industry’s most renowned vocational schools is helping to make that ambition a reality by offering online classes.

Yoyogi Animation Academy, one of Japan’s top vocational schools for artists, is responsible for the revamp. The school has produced some of Japan’s most excellent animators for over three decades. For the first time, the school is launching an online curriculum for aspiring artists that is entirely remote after years of effort.

Fans are already excited about the new Full Remote School track that the school just unveiled. In keeping with the statement, this new track will have lessons tailored exclusively for students unable to attend classes in person. Students can interact with professors in real-time during these lessons, linked with live feeds of in-person courses. One-on-one weekly meetings with teachers are also available for students who prefer personalized attention.

Craig of the Creek has released a special anime opening, and Classroom for Heroes has been announced as a new animated series.

Students enrolled in the Full Remote School program can select from three distinct concentrations. Departments for animation, manga and NFT illustration are all options. This fall, Yoyogi Animation Academy plans to launch its first online program, which is why these classes will begin fall. Artists must put together their portfolios as soon as possible if the new tune succeeds.

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