The tribute of the stars of the godfather to a star James Caan disappeared

July 12, 20225625 min

Following the death of the American actor James Caan, notably in the cast of the cult film “The Godfather”, great names of the seventh art have paid tribute to him.

James Caan was 82 when he left us. Last Wednesday, James Caan, an emblematic figure of American cinema, breathed his last. He leaves behind a substantial filmography – after all, he was in the business for more than sixty years.

Twenty years ago, the man who played in The Godfather told our colleagues from Esquire that a man had pushed him in a bar. Realizing that it was Caan, the individual then threw “Sorry, Sony!”. A role that, you will have understood, has stuck to him all these years.

The legendary director, Francis Ford Coppola, said about the death of his former actor at Deadline. According to him, both shared a special bond. Three years before the first opus of his mafia trilogy, the director directed him in The Rain People. Coppola remembers this first collaboration and salutes the long and beautiful career of the one who was one of his closest friends.

He will always be my old friend from Sunnyside, my partner and one of the funniest people I’ve ever known.

The star, Robert De Niro, expressed his sorrow in a few sober words to people.

I am very sad to learn the death of Jimmy.

Al Pacino was more vocal and declared a moving message in memory of his “fictional brother and lifelong friend”. The great actor struggles to realize the disappearance of Caan, because the latter was “so alive and bold”. He salutes the talent of his late comrade, who, by his own admission, he will miss very much.

Many personalities from the world of cinema have also reacted to the sad announcement, praising the career and human qualities of the man nicknamed Jimmy, from actor John Cusack to directors Rob Reiner (Misery) and James Gunn, including the rapper Ice-T and the star of the song Barbra Streisand.

The actor Adam Sandler confided that he always dreamed of being “like him” while Benicio del Toro gave a touching anecdote about the star. Invited to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the actor seen in Usual Suspects recalls his meeting with James Caan on the set of Way of the Gun. Very intimidated by the idea of sharing the poster of a feature film with him, del Toro did not fail to let him know!

I said, ‘Mr. Caan, it’s an honor to be here and to work with you.

A kind introduction, to which his interlocutor responded by inviting him to call him “the Dream”. When his younger brother asked him why, he simply replied, “Because working with me is a dream”. A sense of repartee that confirms the comedian’s funniness praised by his peers. And del Toro does not stop there: despite his obvious sadness, he recalls the beautiful moments shared with his idol, including a trip to Cuba.

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