Teen Wolf joins Team Avatar

August 2, 202287932 min

Avatar: The Last Air bender is only one of many Netflix-produced live-action projects now in production. The streaming giant acted quickly to preparations to bring Aang and his pals to life in a fresh way as the animation franchise saw an increase in popularity during the pandemic. According to a fresh source, a former Teen Wolf cast member has joined Team Avatar.

Arden Cho has been cast in the live-action adaptation, according to an Avatar News post. To play one of the Elemental Nations’ greatest bounty hunters, Cho has been hired by a live-action show.

As a bounty hunter on a quest in the first book of the Avatar series, June made her debut. It doesn’t matter where she rides her shirshu to get to work; June has no allegiances. June was taught bounty hunting by her father, a well-known bounty hunter in the area. On the other hand, June finds herself entrusted with chasing Aang after a run-in with Zuko.

Netflix’s version of June is expected to feature Cho as the lead actress, assuming the reports are correct. Cho has a long list of roles following her success on Teen Wolf. “Partner Track,” an original Netflix rom-com based on a lawyer’s quest to land her perfect partner and the demise of her dreams when a past lover comes in the way, will soon include her as Kira Yukimura.”

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