The enemy of the successful manga business is piracy

August 4, 202228663 min

The manga business has had its fair share of problems with piracy, which is a massive sector in and of itself. To the annoyance of its artists, the popular manga has been stolen and shared online for decades. Online piracy of manga is on the rise, thanks to the genre’s growing popularity. And now, according to a new story, three of Japan’s major manga publishers are suing a massive manga piracy business for USD 14 million.

Japan reports that a joint lawsuit has been launched against the site Mangamura. Shueisha, Kadokawa, and Shogakukan are pursuing the piracy service. According to the Tokyo District Court, which initiated the claim, damages of $14.2 million are sought from 17 total series.

One Piece, Kingdom, Yawara, Dorohedoro, Overlord, Sgt. Frog, Wise Man’s Grandchild, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Trinity Seven, Hinamatsuri, Erased, Mushoku Tensei, Golden Rough, Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru, Karakuri Circus, Kengan Ashura, and Tasogare Ryuseigun are among the manga mentioned in the lawsuit’s damages, according to the lawsuit.

It’s not a surprise if this site sounds familiar to you. Mangamura is one of the most popular sites for downloading illegal comics. In 2021, the site’s purported administrator, Romi Hoshino, was convicted of copyright infringement and sentenced to prison. Several creators, including Ken Akamatsu have sued the site. According to recent reports, many major Japanese publishers are now suing the website for millions of dollars in damages.

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