A new life for Monica in the series Yellowstone season 5

November 24, 20227552 min

It is normal that a person who has lost a loved one are able to tell you that grief takes its toll. But usually, that toll doesn’t leave us feeling great – which is exactly what’s happening to Monica from Yellowstone.

Just remember, following the season 5 accident that took the lives of her husband Kayce and son John, Monica grieved by cutting off not only vegetables but also her long hair. The result, we’ll soon see on the air. (The next episode will air on Paramount Network on Sunday, November 27 at 8 p.m., 7 a.m.).

For several and her public appearances, the star Kelsey Asbille has already shown her new style . We got our first glimpse of the “new” Monica at the prime time launch party for season 5 of the series, photos of which you can see here).

We may have thought, by the end of the season, that things look bleak for Monica and Kayce, who got a glimpse of an ominous “end of us,” there is reason to hope that Tate’s mom and dad manage to stay together. Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce, tells our TV Line that “normally these big events seem to drive [the couple] apart and send them into their corner…we actually see them coming together to deal with the trauma” of losing baby John.

Aviva Smadja

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