Actress Millie Bobby Brown is in high demand for new roles

January 18, 202321545 min

Millie Bobby Brown has only ever been in franchise films, but it doesn’t stop people from thinking she does otherwise. After the massive success of Stranger Things and Enola Holmes on Netflix, the young actor is currently negotiating two more long-term roles for herself at the streaming service. On Wednesday, a teaser poster for the action-fantasy film Damsel was released.
Brown appears in the picture bearing a sword and a menacing expression. Sparks fly around her, suggesting that she is in the middle of a dramatic incident involving fire.

It’s a striking visual, especially considering that her enemy in the film is rumored to be a dragon.
Brown plays a young princess named Elodie who accepts to marry a rival prince in this 2020 story. She learns that her marriage was prearranged as part of an old pact and that her new family has a horrible secret: they sacrifice young women to a dragon that breathes fire during the harvest season. That person’s time has come, and she must now act. Forced to battle for her life after being left for dead, Princess Elodie finds her inner warrior. Even the name, Damsel hints that conventional elements of fairy tales will be subverted in this film.

Damsel is one of many modern feminist movies with strong female protagonists set in the Middle Ages. Joey King’s film The Princess from a year ago was a medieval version of Die Hard starring a teenage protagonist. The film’s premiere on Hulu marked the directorial debut of Le-Van Kiet.

Rosaline, a modern take on Romeo and Juliet, was also acquired by the streaming service. On the other side, Bella Ramsey (The Last of Us) stars in Catherine Called Birdy, directed by Lena Dunham and available exclusively on Prime Video. Although the last two films don’t have much in the way of action, they represent a positive trend in Hollywood, where young women are given leading roles in previously male-dominated genres.

And Brown is the one performer who has shown that high-budget movies about young women can be successful. She became a household name thanks to Stranger Things, and she then went on to establish a lucrative series with the Sherlock Holmes prequel Enola Holmes and its sequel, Enola Holmes 2.

She also had roles in Godzilla vs. Kong and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. She will next be seen in The Electric State, the second Netflix film from Joe and Anthony Russo, and will be back as Eleven for the series’ concluding season.

Damsel also features Angela Bassett, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Nick Robinson, Ray Winstone, and Robin Wright. The movie, which will premiere on Netflix on October 13, 2023, was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) and written by Dan Mazeau (Wrath
of the Titans and Fast X).

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