After Yang is a beautiful film and its music is also beautiful

January 17, 202324135 min

Like many moviegoers, Mondo is a great fan of the many projects of A24. In honour of the studio’s continued success in putting out great work, the collectible brand is pressing more of the studio’s music onto vinyl. Two upcoming recordings are the soundtracks to After Yang and Lamb, two of Mondo’s most recent and critically acclaimed films. The other two albums are soundtracks to two of A24’s biggest horror movies, It Follows and The Witch and both are Mondo exclusives from Milan Records.

After Yang was a critical and commercial triumph from the moment, it premiered at film festivals in 2021 until its theatrical release the following year. Kogonada’s revolutionary sci-fi film is based on Alexander Weinstein’s short story Saying Goodbye to Yang. It tells the narrative of a family and their relationship with their artificial intelligence companion Yang. Jake (Colin Farrell), the father, tries to fix the robot after it experiences a short circuit and becomes unresponsive. The soundtrack, composed by Aska Matsumiya with assistance from Ryuichi Sakamoto and liner notes by David Sims, is a high point of the dramatic work, which deals with heavy topics like grief and the meaning of life. The soundtrack is available on 180 Gram Tea Leaves or Black vinyl via Mondo.

Lamb, a folk horror film directed by Valdimar Jóhannsson and featuring the brilliant Icelandic poet Sjón, was released the following year, in 2021. It was frightening to see a childless couple raise a lamb/human hybrid they found in their sheep barn. However, evil spirits in the woods attempting to return the child to its family. Mondo will release the Tóti Gunason-composed soundtrack on 140 Gram White vinyl in a soft touch gatefold sleeve featuring original artwork by Rory Kurtz.

The Vinyl Releases of It Follows, and The Witch Were Created with Collectors in Mind.
There will be deluxe vinyl versions for the new It Follows score and The Witch score. Disasterpeace, known for scoring several popular video games and a whole host of A24 projects, including last year’s Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and Bodies Bodies Bodies, composed the score for David Robert Mitchell’s horror film about an unrelenting entity that is passed on through sexual encounters. With brand new artwork by Midnight Marauder and a glow-in-the-dark jacket and vinyl, Mondo’s release of the soundtrack will reflect the film’s atmosphere.

Mark Korven composed the score for Robert Eggers’ folk horror film featuring Anya Taylor-Joy in her first feature role. Eggers gave Korven considerable direction in creating the score to match the tense early 1600s English atmosphere. Mondo’s unique record comes housed in a reverse board sleeve and is pressed on transparent vinyl with black and red smoke to symbolize the eerie occult overtones.

Except for It Follows, all of the scores will cost $30. Keep an eye on Mondo’s record shop every Wednesday at 12 p.m. CT for the A24 soundtracks to be added.

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