Avatar 2 absolute box office champion

January 23, 202313893 min

There is no stopping the film, Avatar 2: The Way of the Water, as the film still holds a first place at the North American box office and is now part of the very closed club of films that have exceeded 2 billion USD in revenue worldwide, according to provisional figures on Sunday, January 22, from the specialized firm Exhibitor Relations.

With more than 20 million USD in receipts this weekend (from Friday to Sunday) in the United States and Canada, James Cameron’s film dominates the ranking for the sixth week in a row.

Avatar 2 has generated nearly 600 million USD in North America and 1.43 billion USD in the rest of the world to surpass the symbolic 2 billion USD mark.

Avatar joins the top 6 clubs of films that have reached this astronomical amount of 2 billion USD, six films have reached it in history, including three Canadian director (Avatar, Avatar 2 and Titanic).

Avatar 2 was highly anticipated, and its story takes place more than a decade after the events of the first film and in an aquatic space.

The film, Puss in Boots 2: The Last Quest, came in second place with 11.5 million USD. In this children’s film based on the Shrek saga, the feline embarks on an epic adventure to restore his nine lives.

Bronze medal with (9.8 million USD), the thriller M3GAN, the story of a frightening robot-doll designed to be the ideal companion of a little orphan girl.

A good entry for Missing: Disappearance, by Nick Johnson and Will Merrick, ranks fourth with 9.3 million USD, ahead of The World’s Worst Neighbor, starring Tom Hanks, which records 9 million USD.

Aviva Smadja

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