Babylon, Damien Chazelle’s delirious new film with Brad Pitt

September 14, 2022552 min

Following his huge success La La Land and then his beautiful First Man, again with Ryan Gosling and released in 2018, the American-French director Damien Chazelle will soon present Babylon, a drama gave as epic and taking place during the transition from silent to talking movies. A great story, which features characters that existed. Brad Pitt is John Gilbert, a famous American actor, screenwriter and director, the model of the “modern” actor. Margot Robbie is the actress Clara Bow, and Tobey Maguire is Charlie Chaplin.

Damien Chazelle dares everything with orgiastic parties, monumental film productions, drugs and excess of all kinds. Somewhere between the worlds of Baz Luhrmann and Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood. Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie have a blast in their respective roles, carried by an energetic and epic musical composition. We do not doubt that Damien Chazelle will delight us again on this musical level.

Beautiful madness, and humor, since the images of the trailer (at the head of the article) show, in particular, Brad Pitt composing a whimsical, laughing and goofy character. A generalized euphoria that seems to give way to a more dramatic part, in which Margot Robbie/Clara Bow appears entangled in a dark story. The rise and fall of Hollywood, the presence of an elephant and an alligator in incongruous places… Clearly, Babylon should be a sight and sound experience.

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