Director Louis Leterrier will be behind the camera in Fast and Furious 11

April 23, 20231243 min

Louis Leterrier has finished shooting “Fast X”, the film will be released soon, and we learn that the French director will continue his work on the franchise by closing it.

In this new movie, Dominic Toretto and his gang will be confronted with an enemy having a direct relationship with one of their past adventures. Determined to take revenge, this one will try to take everything from Dom. And especially, all those to whom he cares…

It is important to note that Justin Lin was hired to direct Fast X, after having already signed the episodes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 of the saga. But in April 2022, we learned of his surprise departure, while the film was in full swing. Since then, the studio producer of the franchise, Universal, has chosen Louis Leterrier to replace him. The Frenchman has completed the shooting of the film. And he just got a new job

Universal Studios appreciated the work of Leterrier on the tenth film. Because the studio has just announced that he will also direct the eleventh opus of the famous franchise. The president of Universal Pictures, Peter Cramer, praised the French director in a message shared by The Hollywood Reporter. He promised that Fast X had demonstrated all that Leterrier could bring to the saga, and said he was very pleased that he had agreed to take the helm of the eleventh film:

Thus, the director, Leterrier, will close the famous franchise. Because, as a reminder, Fast and Furious 11 will conclude the story started in 2001. Even if other spin-offs could see the light of day after Hobbs & Shaw, such as a film centered on the female characters of the universe. In the meantime, we will be able to discover Fast X in only a few weeks. The release of the film is scheduled for May 17 in French theaters.

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