Dragon Ball Super and the battle between Bardock

abril 19, 202243 min

The preview pages for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 have been released online, and the new chapter continues to look back at the crucial history between Bardock, Goku’s father, and Gas, the evil warrior of the Heeters. Goku’s actual victory over the Heeters is directly related to the events of the battle between Bardock and Gas, which makes it all the more important. Indeed, the fight between Bardock and Gas played a crucial role in the destruction of Planet Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super!

During their fight, Gas revealed to Bardock that the days of the Saiyans (as a race) are numbered, even if he manages to escape the Heeters on Planet Vegeta. Gas is aware of this fact.

This snippet of dialogue serves as an additional impetus to rewrite the Dragon Ball mythology to include Bardock. Goku’s father has been revisited in both the most recent arcs of the manga and in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. A noble and heroic spirit lurks beneath Bardock’s gruff mercenary appearance. Bardock spared Granloah, the last survivor of the genocide on planet Cereal organized by Freeza and the Heeters; he sent Goku to Earth to escape the Saiyan genocide that followed, and Bardock was on the front lines against Freeza in the destruction of Planet Vegeta. We now know why Bardock began to doubt Freeza’s motives, and why he eventually decided to send Goku away from the situation.

The Granolah arc of Dragon Ball Super also allowed Goku to regain the memory of his father’s heroic nature, which allowed him to grow as a character. Because of the concussion that robbed him of his Saiyan ancestry, Goku became an Earth hero in the Dragon Ball series.

In the Granolah arc of Dragon Ball Super, Goku achieved the next evolution of Ultra Instinct. Because Ultra Instinct is an angelic technique, Whis informed

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