Finally the trailer for Thor

abril 19, 20223483 min

After more than 30 days of waiting, The Boys’ wish for the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer has finally been granted.

Marvel Studios has officially released the trailer for the fourth Thor movie, to which Prime Video’s The Boys responded on Twitter with “one month late, but we’ll take it.” The Love and Thunder teaser comes almost a month after The Boys released the official teaser for its third season.

Following the release of The Boys’ third season trailer, the Prime Video series implored Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi to release the trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie as well. “A trailer for a trailer, @TaikaWaititi? Where’s Thor: Love and Thunder?” wrote The Boys on Twitter. The trailers for Thor: Love and Thunder and The Boys’ Season 3 arrived after much anticipation and growing fan demand, with The Boys releasing the first teaser for Season 3 on March 12, almost a month before the Thor 4 teaser was released.

Marvel Studios’ release of the first teaser for Love and Thunder gives the film the shortest marketing window in MCU history between the release of a first trailer and a movie release date. As for The Boys, the official release date for season 3 was announced before the first teaser, after a long wait. Prior to the release of the season 3 teaser, showrunner Eric Kripke and The Boys’ social media regularly hinted at season 3, while mocking concerned fans who kept asking for updates, at one point stating that the season wouldn’t start until “2033.”

Aviva Smadja

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