My Hero Academia and the complicated relationships between characters

mayo 3, 202243 min

Although there is plenty of action in My Hero Academia, it shines when it focuses on the 1-A class. Since the beginning of high school, Izuku has made several close friends who form the core of the gang. Shoto Todoroki happens to be one of his closest friends, and in a recent interview, the actors who play the characters talked about their complicated relationship.

When the cast of My Hero Academia did a reading and interview for the fans of season 5, everything went off the rails. Daiki Yamashita, the voice of Izuku, spoke at length about the Todoroki estate scene where he and Shoto meet. Consider what Yamashita said about Izuku calling his friend nice when they were talking about going beyond Endeavor’s abuse:

“It’s a different kind of friendship than the ones we’ve seen so far. It was very clear to me.”

Nobuhiko Okamoto, Shoto’s voice actor, wasted no time speaking out about the relationship between the two boys. He believes that the two share a bond unlike any other in Class 1-A and that this has a profound effect on Shoto.

Viewers will find out if Izuku and Ochaco ever get together in the latest update of My Hero Academia | My Hero Academia cast discusses the possibility of Izuku and Ochaco getting together in the latest update of the series

“Deku and Todoroki getting together always seemed like a good idea to me… Deku’s move must have broken Todoroki’s heart. Todoroki’s heart is conquered time and time again by Deku,” he contributed to the conversation (via shibuyasmash).

They clearly understand that Izuku and Shoto have a special relationship that is unlike anything else in their lives. They had a heart-to-heart conversation during the Sports Festival that laid the foundation for a lasting friendship. My Hero Academia fans are eagerly awaiting the final chapter of the manga to see how these two best friends will evolve.

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