The great return of Meg Ryan

mayo 5, 2022171853 min

The star Meg Ryan, a cult in the 80s with romantic comedies with worldwide success and very famous for her role in the romantic comedy When Hally met Sally by Rob Reiner. The sequence of the simulation in the restaurant in front of Billy Crystal became one of the most cults of the cinema.

In the 90s, it was rich in roles of the same kind, definitely installing the actress in the skin of the eternal romantic. We can mention Joe against the volcano, Sleepless in Seattle and You have a message in which she gave the line to Tom Hanks.

Thereafter, the decline was in order for Meg Ryan.

The year 2000 marks a turning point for the actress. Her love affairs are more talked about than her films, and the public sulks her projects. She gradually moved away from the film sets, appearing only in TV movies and series in small roles.

In 2008, she said she wanted to stop her career, especially because of her numerous plastic surgeries, which had deformed her face, preferring to focus on directing and producing. She thus directed the film Ithaca in 2015, with her son Jack Quaid and Tom Hanks.

What Happens Later: her new rom-com project
Seven years later, she will be back behind (and in front of) the camera for the romantic comedy What Happens Later. As Variety tells us, she will direct and star David Duchovny.

Willa (Meg Ryan) and Bill (David Duchovny), ex-lovers, find themselves stranded in transit at an airport in the middle of a snowstorm. Willa still craves independence, while Bill, recently single, re-evaluates his relationship with his ex-wife. Overnight, they revisit their past. But their memories don’t necessarily match.

There is, for the moment, no release date announced for What Happens Later.

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