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12 de octubre de 202173/1002273 min
Richard Shepard
Estados Unidos, Canadá
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Had to write a review because people are giving it negative reviews and calling it a feminist propaganda movie. First of all, I'm a guy and I really found most of the movie compelling. The cast does a superb job. Specially Alison Williams. The movie also goes in a very different direction and kudos to the writers and director to make such a different thriller. The only nitpick I have is that the movie has a very weird way of showing flashbacks. I found it annoying. But, the movie is a good netflix thriller.

Charlotte is a talented cellist prodigy but had to give up on her training to look after her sick mother. After some years her mother dies, so Charlotte reaches out to her erstwhile mentor, Anton, who runs the prestigious Bachoff music school in Boston where she trained. Anton is temporarily in Shanghai with his two assistants Geoffrey and Theis and his wife Paloma. They are delighted to hear from Charlotte after all this time and ask her to come out and join them to assess some young cellists who are auditioning for a position at Anton’s school. One of the judges at this audition is Lizzie, who became Anton’s star pupil after Charlotte left. Lizzie is still associated with the school and is now famous. When Lizzie and Charlotte meet they strike up a strong friendship, based on their mutual admiration of each other’s talent. They become lovers.


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