New from Netflix, Lucky Number Slevin

avril 26, 202223 min

Slevin (Josh Hartnett) is a special case because he has really bad luck in his life: fired from his job, he also loses his house, then he catches his girlfriend in bed with another man. But that’s not all, his papers are also stolen when he goes to the home of Nick Fisher, a friend of his who lives in New York.

With all this and as if he didn’t have enough problems, he discovers that his friend has simply disappeared. That’s when two New York godfathers come after him.

The Rabbi on the one hand and The Boss on the other are waging a merciless war. They have one thing in common: Nick Fisher, Slevin’s friend, owes them a lot of money. And each of them is going to ask Slevin for a favour since he simply can’t pay Nick’s debt.

A “Kansas City Shuffle” as Goodkat, one of the famous hitmen, would say, hoping to end a story that has been going on for more than twenty years, when the two godfathers were accomplices then…


Josh Hartnett: Slevin Kelevra
Bruce Willis: Smith and Goodkat
Morgan Freeman: The Boss
Ben Kingsley : The Rabbi
Lucy Liu as Lindsey
Stanley Tucci: Lieutenant Brikowski
Danny Aiello as Roth
Rick Bramucci: Soldier
Mykelti Williamson: Sloe
Kevin Chamberlin: Marty
Oliver Davis : Henry
Victoria Fodor : Helen
John Ghaly : the New York police officer
Sam Jaeger: Nick Fisher
Janet Lane : Blondie
Shira Leigh: Hottie
Scott Gibson: Max
Dorian Missick : Elvis
Sebastien Roberts : the guy
Robert Forster : Murphy
Michael Rubenfeld : Yitzchok the Crazy
Corey Stoll : Saul
Matthew G. Taylor : appearance

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