Warner Bros. bosses are looking for the rare bird to run DC Films

avril 17, 2022262 min

Executives at Warner Bros. Pictures are looking for the rare bird for DC Films, opposite the “Kevin Feige” of Marvel Studios.

According to Variety, sources say that David Zaslav, CEO of the new Warner Bros. Discovery, and his top executives are looking at revamping DC Films and have been “toying with the idea of making DC a clean, strong content vertical.” Apparently, before the merger was finalized, Zaslav “vetted candidates” to find “someone who would serve as a creative and strategic czar, like Kevin Feige at Marvel.”

All eyes are on Emma Watts, who was previously president of the production at 20th Century Studios and president of the film at Paramount. That said, it does not appear that Watts will take the job at DC.

Additionally, a source says that Zaslav “was less interested in finding a creative guru” than someone “with the kind of business experience needed to make the different factions of DC work more seamlessly.”

It’s been a rocky start for Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe franchise. More recent entries in the film franchise have been more positively received, though the DCEU has still often been criticized for its apparent lack of singular creative vision, especially when compared to Disney and Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clearly, Zaslav and the company have noticed.

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