Pad Man

8 octobre 20211365 min
R. Balki
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A beautiful movie with a strong message. Akshay Kumar hits a bullseye again and shines as a winner with his wonderful and effortless acting. He is lovable and takes the movie to the next level. The story as we all know is very inspiring but the execution is what makes it believable and entertaining. R Balki has done a good job and the movie does not bore you even a bit. Radhika Aapte as always delivers a strong performance. Sonam Kapoor is fine and has performed better than all her previous movies. Highly recommend everyone to watch this movie.

The story starts with the marriage of Lakshmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar) and Gayatri (Radhika Apte), a happy go lucky couple. Lakshmikant is deeply in love with his wife and will do anything for her comfort and happiness. When Gayatri is temporarily banished from the household during her menstrual periods, Laxmi is caught unaware due to his lack of knowledge about the subject which is otherwise referred to as ‘five day test match for women’ by the village youth. Laxmi makes his peace with it but gets worried on seeing Gayatri using a dirty rag during her periods. When asked about it, Gayatri tells him it’s none of his business and he, being a ‘pure’ human should not interfere in this feminine topic. Undeterred, Laxmi goes to a medical store and buys sanitary pads for his wife which cost Rs.55. When he reaches home and hands it over to Gayatri, she reprimands him and tells him to return it as using such costly napkins meant cutting off milk expenses of a month. Unable to return it, Laxmi, crestfallen, goes to work where a worker gets injured. He immediately applies a pad to the injury despite the others referring to it as ‘impure’. In the hospital, the doctor lauds Laxmi’s quick thinking and says that it is the cleanest choice to stop bleeding. Excited, Laxmi then buys some cotton, cloth and glue and makes a temporary pad which he thinks is a better replacement for the costly one.


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