Hugh Jackman, is ready to do anything to look like the character of Deadpool 3

April 19, 2023953 min
Prod DB © Twentieth Century Fox - Marv Films - Donners' Company / DR X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST de Bryan Singer 2014 USA avec Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender et James McAvoy science fiction, super hÈros, prequelle, saga, magneto, wolverine |

He eats the screen, in “Deadpool 3”, Hugh Jackman will play his iconic character: Wolverine. And to rebuild the muscular body he had in the X-Men movies, the Australian actor gives his all.

The actors, Russell Crowe, Dougray Scott… These two actors who already had an established careers in Hollywood could have played the famous superhero Wolverine in the first part of the X-Men saga (2000). However, to everyone’s surprise, the production turned to an almost unknown actor at that time: Hugh Jackman.

Australia is his native country, the actor has then only two films to his credit. This does not prevent him from impressing the public with his presence, his charisma and his talent, from his first tenure in the role. Thus, for 17 years, he brilliantly embodies the terrible Wolverine. Film after film, the actor develops physically, culminating in 2014 in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Before the pandemic, he plays for the last time the mutant in the film Logan. Indeed, the actor wants to move on to other projects, outside the super heroic genre. Hugh Jackman has also proven that outside of the X-Men films, he knows how to illustrate himself in different genres, as we have seen in Prisoners, Les Misérables or The Greatest Showman.

Last year, it was a total surprise when Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman announced together that Deadpool 3 would be made. Indeed, if in the previous films, Wolverine was often commented on in a mocking tone by Deadpool, we did not think that the actor would make his comeback to play again the character that made him famous.

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