Lady Nagant fights for good in My Hero Academia

January 24, 202316114 min

The final phase of the ultimate fight between the heroes and villains is in full swing in My Hero Academia. The cliffhanger from the most recent chapter has dragged Lady Nagant back into the action by beginning her redemption arc. At the outset of the Final Act, when Izuku Midoriya had taken it upon himself to recapture as many fugitive Tartarus inmates as possible, he ran across the first of All For One’s assassins, a woman named Lady Nagant. The complexity of this antagonist made her an instant fan favorite.

When we left Lady Nagant, she was beginning a new chapter of her life, having learned the value of heroes via her battle with Deku. It was previously implied that she might be redeemed in the end because of her participation with the Public Safety Commission in the past and because she did not use lethal force against Deku at first. The time has come for her heroism, as she has just saved the day in the series’ most recent episode.

How does Lady Nagant find redemption in My Hero Academia?
As Tomura Shigaraki regains control of his body from All For One, he prepares for his subsequent use of Decay in Chapter 378 of My Hero Academia. With his energy still depleted from his first attempt to defeat Shigaraki, Deku is unable to react quickly enough to prevent the entire U.A. Academy headquarters from being destroyed as it plummets from the sky. However, Nagant fires off his hand before he can make contact.

It turns out that she wasn’t even close to the action during the fight itself, but she was still able to get to Deku in time to save him. Despite their criminal pasts, Tsukauchi and the police have sought out former inmates to enlist their help in this investigation because, at their core, they are still human. Nagant is a prime example of this; she is both a victim of the flawed hero system and a villain for the way she left the Public Safety Commission.

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