Netflix gets into manga with spirit detectives

December 31, 202241993 min

Since the anime and manga finished decades ago, Yu Yu Hakusho has been largely dormant, with the Spirit Detectives only sometimes making appearances in products and in artwork by Yoshihiro Togashi. While there has been no word on a new anime or manga adaptation of the Shonen series, two of the most popular spirit detectives who aren’t named Yusuke Urameshi are getting their own Nendoroids next year.

While there are no plans for a new anime series based on the Spirit Detectives, the supernatural detectives will be back in the future thanks to Netflix, which is developing a live-action adaptation of the series. The first is Hiei, a once-dangerous demon who, after Yusuke and his human companions win his heart, becomes one of their most formidable allies. Speaking of the Spirit Detectives’ human allies, the other Nendoroid will be Kuwabara, the school bully who is suddenly thrust into their world. The Dark Tournament Arc is widely regarded as one of the best tournament arcs in anime history, and both designs will depict the appearance of the Shonen heroes during this time.

Flame of the Darkness Nendoroid

Starting in June 2023, Goodsmile will release new Yu Yu Hakusho Nendoroids, featuring Hiei and Kuwabara with the designs they sported while they battled hordes of demons alongside the Togoro brothers and their fearsome band of brawlers.

With creator Yoshihiro Togashi preoccupied with the world of hunters in Hunter x Hunter and his health preventing the Shonen manga from being released on a weekly basis, it seems unlikely that Yu Yu Hakusho will return any time soon. When Hunter x Hunter returned, Togashi was able to provide fans a crossover between Yusuke and Gon by placing the two Shonen heroes on the cover of a new book.

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