Steven Spielberg’s greatest achievement, being loved by his mother

November 13, 202231806 min

In his film, The Fabelmans, Steven Spielberg tells his life story, his childhood, his Mother, his Father and his adolescence. It is remarkably written and directed, with a lot of emotion. Still, the star of his life is his Mother.

She was an exceptional woman, full of energy and inventiveness, who loved her children and was incredibly proud of the success of her son, Steven.

This look is the look of a Jewish mother who has always protected her children, nurtured them and loved them tenderly.

Having lived in Beverly Hills, we went every Sunday to eat at Lea Adler-Spielberg’s restaurant, the Kosher restaurant “The Milky Way” on Pico Blvd. Leah Spielberg’s outstanding qualities were her humility and hospitality, always smiling, and her unique sense of humor; one word was enough to make us laugh.

She was very proud of her son and his success, but she preferred to be independent and work in her restaurant.

When Steven came to visit her at the restaurant, he was no longer the great director that all of Hollywood adored but the son of the restaurant owner. The mother loved her son, but the son loved his mother, he had a deep love for his mother, and it is inevitable that with the love of such a mother, the son could not doubt his success. His mother’s love gave him wings to fly high and strong self-confidence.

Leah Adler-Spielberg had taught her son to dare, do, undertake, and not be afraid, as she had started from nothing; she had launched an art gallery adventure in Phoenix. Little Steven took the artistic side from her mother because she was a formidable pianist.

I could see by going to her restaurant her incredible generosity, she did not hesitate to give her time to help people in need, and she always offered meals to people who did not have enough to eat. She often told me, “I came to this earth to help, to give, to give energy, a smile and happiness.”

Steven Spielberg’s mother, Leah Adler-Spielberg, was generous and in love with her family, her children and grandchildren, and especially very proud of Steven, her son. She told me after a problem I had encountered at the bank and the teller had asked me to withdraw my “Kippa”, she said that Steven, when he was young, had been called “dirty Jews” and that Steven had gone out of the house to butter their windows with peanuts. Leah Adler-Spielberg asked me to be proud to be Jewish.

Steven Spielberg made this film, The Fabelmans, for his Mother, for his Father, for their memory, and he succeeded in his challenge to speak about his childhood and life, with love and sensitivity, without falling into easy emotion.

His Mother passed away in 2017 at 97, and his Father, Arnold Spielberg, in 2020, is 103.

Leah Adler-Spielberg, who loved crossword puzzles, would have found the word with the formula “Eternal Love,” word in 6 letters; she would have written “Steven.”

Aviva Smadja

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