Thanksgiving at A Crimson Lights

November 24, 20227086 min

It’s time to entertain for Thanksgiving. At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah help Sharon prepare for the Thanksgiving event. Nick brings a box from the kitchen and says that New Hope has them covered with food. Sharon will always be grateful for Ashland’s gift in Rey’s name. They talk about Noah doing an art project with Christian and Faith going home with her roommate for the vacations. Victoria and Johnny come to help them. As they joke, Chelsea appears with Connor and says they would like to volunteer their time. Johnny and Victoria exchange a look. Chelsea explains that she now lives upstairs, and Sharon begins to hand out chores. Victoria asks Johnny if he is okay, and he says he is fine.

Later, Victoria then asks Nick if Sharon has given Chelsea the upstairs apartment. It seems there is more to it than just a vacation spirit. On the patio, Connor warns Johnny not to be mean to his mother. Johnny was just about to avoid him and asks, “What’s going on?”.

The answer comes immediately, and Connor explains that she’s become super depressed and had to go to the hospital. She seems fine, but she’s taking a lot of deep breaths like she’s stressed. Johnny remembers being a real jerk to her – he didn’t mean for this to happen. Connor assures him that his mom made it clear it wasn’t about them, but Johnny wonders if that’s really true.

At work, Abby says hello to Nikki and her father, who is surprised she’s still there. Nikki explains that they are relaxing a bit before heading back to the ranch for dinner. Victor expects to see Abby there late with Chance and Dom. Abby stammers, “To be honest, Chance and I have some issues, so we won’t be spending the day together.” Nikki and Victor are sorry to hear that. Devon enters and Abby tells them she doesn’t want to go into details. As she walks away, Victor confirms to Nikki that he had no idea about Abby’s marriage problems.

In the other part of the apartment, Abby tells Devon that she didn’t expect to see him today. He explains that he has a date with Tucker for a holiday meal. Abby feels calmer just by seeing Devon’s face. He is happy that he was able to do something good for her. Devon asks about Chance, and Abby says she’s pretty sure it’s over – he moved out of the house, and she doesn’t even know where he’s staying. He only comes to see Dom when she’s out. Devon is sorry.

At Noah’s club, Phyllis arrives and looks around. She squeals with delight when Daniel enters and hugs him. She rejoices at the big surprise of her little boy coming to town and hugs him again.

Arriving at the Abbott’s, Traci and Jack smile as they admire the dining room table. Jack joins the others in the living room, where Allie says how excited she is to be spending her first vacation with them. Diane arrives and says, “Happy Thanksgiving to all!” Summer, Ashley and Allie make a face.

Later, Billy and Lily arrive at Crimson Lights to help, and Sharon sends them to Victoria, who asks if the twins are home. Lily says no and sees Chelsea across the room. She apologizes, and Billy looks suspicious as she approaches the other woman. Lily tells Chelsea that she hasn’t seen her since she heard the news and that she has some things to say.

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