The Killer, a neo-noir masterpiece

January 23, 202314676 min

The Killer, a new Netflix film directed by David Fincher and starring Michael Fassbender, has audiences anticipating a neo-noir masterpiece. David Fincher got his feet wet in the film industry with Alien 3 after directing a few music videos (including Madonna’s “Vogue”). Critics lambasted Alien 3 for being inconsistent in tone with the previous films in the Ridley Scott series. However, the film showed off David Fincher’s eye for detail and talent for bleak images, suggesting a promising career for the director.

David Fincher’s subsequent films, including the groundbreaking Zodiac and the critically acclaimed Se7en and Fight Club (all starring Brad Pitt), reinforced his position as one of Hollywood’s most accomplished auteurs by striking a balance between artistic integrity and commercial viability. Even as his filmography expanded to include biopics like The Social Network and Mank and the Oscar-nominated melodrama The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the hallmarks of his work remained the same: acute tension and dramatic psychological drama. The Killer, the newest picture from director David Fincher, is expected to feature all the elements that have made his previous thrillers so compelling.

Casting Michael Fassbender as the killer in Fincher’s The Killer seems like a natural fit.

The Killer, David Fincher’s adaptation of a Matz and Luc Jacamon comic book, is about an elite assassin who faces personal and political challenges while trying to escape his brutal past. There are just too many repercussions from his previous position for him to ignore them. Since his breakout role in 300, Michael Fassbender has consistently played strong but deeply flawed characters, making him a natural choice for the anti-hero assassin at the center of The Killer.

There is a sufficient number of anti-hero characters in thriller films, but the ones in Fincher’s films are handled differently. The director perfectly timed his actors’ actions by tracking, tilting, and panning the camera at the exact moment they occurred. By doing so, he gives the audience agency over the morality and goals of the characters on screen.

Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of the brutal but heartbroken Magneto in the X-Men films and the arrogant but inspiring Steve Jobs in the Steve Jobs films both benefit from Fincher’s ability to give emotion “motion.” All David Fincher’s thrillers are detailed character studies, frequently hidden under the conventional police procedural and whodunit. His ability to embody wounded individuals is a fantastic compliment to Fincher’s work. Since the film will rely on Michael Fassbender and David Fincher’s straightforward representations of human nature, the success of The Killer will largely rest on the audience’s own interpretation of the film’s themes.

David Fincher Is Undeniably The Master Of The Thriller Genre.

Fincher has shown time and time again (via Indiewire) that he is the master of making tense, exciting thriller films, even with the use of computer-generated imagery. The visual effects of David Fincher’s films, especially Zodiac and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, are narrative devices that hint at everything from the plots’ chronology to their places while mainly remaining unnoticed by the audience. The director’s ability to create suspense with subtlety is seen in the success of many of the thrillers he has directed. Seeing how The Killer reunites David Fincher with Se7en’s writer Andrew Walker, viewers have every reason to assume that there will be plenty of subtle easter eggs and unexpected turns of events.

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