The megastar, Brad Pitt, will drive a racing car

April 26, 20231013 min

For the purposes of the film, the 59-year-old star was allowed to participate in the warm-up lap of the next British Grand Prix, on board a single-seater. A good publicity stunt for the F1 championship, and the prospect of very beautiful images.

After Top Gun: Maverick , Joseph Kosinski, moves to Formula 1, with Brad Pitt in a leading role Brad Pitt, the film project is still untitled and produced, by the production company of Lewis Hamilton and Apple Original Films. Currently, in pre-production, it will tell the story of a veteran driver (Brad Pitt) coming out of retirement to mentor a young F1 driver.

In addition to the Hollywood superstar, Lewis Hamilton himself and English actor Damson Idris will also be cast.

As reported by The Sun, Brad Pitt has received permission to participate in the warm-up lap of the next British F1 Grand Prix, which will be held at the prestigious Silverstone circuit on July 9, 2023. This authorization is very difficult to obtain, given the extremely expensive – and always risky – organization of such a sporting event. We remember that for Iron Man 2, the production had obtained the authorization to shoot on the track of the Monaco Grand Prix before this authorization was withdrawn at the very last moment … A source close to the production of Joseph Kosinski’s film said:

The publicity will indeed be ideal for the FIA, the sports organization in charge of the F1 championship. But it is not only a communication operation. Indeed, the images produced will also be, and perhaps above all, to be integrated into the film of Joseph Kosinski. In order to offer the spectators the highest possible realism.

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