The musical “Spy x Family” is coming soon

January 12, 202326524 min

This year, Spy x Family has expanded into live action with a new stage play musical coming to Japan, and fans have gotten a glimpse at the actor or actress cast as Anya Forger in the production. Tatsuya Endo’s manga has reached new heights of popularity thanks to the release of the accompanying anime series. The franchise closed the year on a high note, and many exciting new developments were planned for 2023 and beyond. 

Spy x Family has released new posters for their upcoming musical, giving fans a glimpse at the four central characters they’ve cast as their versions of Anya: Risa Masuda, Aoi Ikemura, Miharu Izawa, and Miharu Fukuchi. The posters are a great preview of how the manga has been adapted for the new musical, recreating the artwork from the first volume cover of Tatsuya Endo’s original manga publications. 

Getting Ready for the Musical Version of “Spy x Family” 

Spy x Family’s new musical, directed by G2 and written by G2 with music by Shuhei Kamimura, will run in Japan from March to May. There will be several Anyas in the play, as well as other notable actors like Win Morisaki and Hiroki Suzuki as Loid Forger, Fuka Yuzuki and Mirei Sasaki (Hinatazaka46) as Yor Forger, Kurumu Okamiya and Tsubasa Takizawa as Yuri Briar, Nonoka Yamaguchi as Fiona Frost, Kento Kinouchi as Franky Franklin, Soma 

Spy x Family is available to watch online with Crunchyroll if you desire. A preview of the series reads: “When it comes to going undercover on dangerous missions for the greater good, no one can compare to the master spy Twilight. However, he may be in over his head when given the ultimate assignment—to get married and have a child. To complete his job of infiltrating a prestigious private school, Twilight, who cannot rely on others, must find a wife and a child. But his adopted kid is a telepath, and his new wife is a professional killer!”

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