The plot of the movie “Tales of Babylon” was shot in London

October 28, 20222974 min

The criminal thriller Tales of Babylon, set in London, gets a new teaser trailer from Groucho Arts. Pelayo De Lario serves as the film’s director, and the city of London serves as the “protagonist,” in his words. Clive Russell (Game of Thrones), Billie Gadsdon (Cruella), Aaron Cobham (The Spanish Princess), and Paul Cassidy (Outlander) are just a few of the notable actors featured in the film. The two young protagonists of Tales of Babylon are siblings who desperately want to escape their tyrannical mafia grandfather. The siblings’ grandfather enlists the help of two theatrical assassins to carry out the mission.

A knock on the door signals the start of the search in this approximately minute-and-a-half teaser. After seeing Alex’s expression and learning about the guys their grandfather sent after them, it’s easy to see why he and his sister have decided to flee away. There’s a good mix of action and humour in the teaser, with shots of bullets and fists flying, followed by Alex’s little sister asking the hitmen if they’re partners and the two misunderstandings her question as asking if they’re dating.

Not everything goes as planned, though; it seems the two assassins end up in the dragon’s sights after botching the job the grandfather gave them. The trailer ends with a few cries, making it clear that you don’t want to cross a gangster.

Is there hope for redemption? When post-production rolled along, director De Lario told Variety.

The criminal underworld of contemporary London is explored in “Tales of Babylon,” a collection of stories told from various criminal perspectives. Tales of Babylon is his ode to the city that has inspired so many stories and varied ways of telling them: it is a collection of all the people and places that make this place unique. He hopes to present an alternate view of the city he holds dearly, one more in line with how he remembers it from his childhood. The authors of Tales of Babylon hope to delve into the underlying factors that give London its unique character.

The film also stars Maria Crittell (Doctors) and Ray Calleja (Mr. Selfridge). After Jack in 2021, this is Groucho Arts’ second film starring De Lario.

Aviva Smadja

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