The Return of The Addams Family on Netflix

August 23, 2022433 min

The series is about the eldest daughter of the famous Addams Family. The series will be directed by Tim Burton in the fall and will be available on Netflix.

Apart from the spirit of Charles Addams in the late 30s, the famous Addams family has had several forays on the screens. First in 1964 with a first eponymous series, then in the 90s thanks to the two films directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. In recent years, the Addams have returned in animated movies and, thanks to Tim Burton, their legacy now continues on Netflix with the series Wednesday.

With this first series, Tim Burton takes on the eldest of the Addams children. To succeed the unforgettable Christina Ricci, the very promising Jenna Ortega was chosen. Moreover, Christina Ricci will have a small role in the series as a lovely tribute.

Alongside Christina Ricci, we find Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman as her parents, Morticia and Gomez. We discover them for the first time in the trailer unveiled by Netflix (available at the top of the article).

Now a student at the unique Nevermore Academy, Wednesday Addams tries to fit in with the other students while investigating a series of murders that terrorize the town.

The series will be available on Netflix this fall. It is already shaping to be deliciously macabre, as in the sequence in the pool in which Wednesday unleashes dozens of piranhas to avenge her brother.

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