The Woman King’s considerable success

September 19, 2022223 min
THE WOMAN KING, Viola Davis, 2022. © TriStar Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection
THE WOMAN KING, Viola Davis, 2022. © TriStar Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

The Woman King, a historical adventure about female warriors from a West African kingdom fighting against slave traders, ruled the US box office this weekend.

The Sony film, which depicts the real-life warriors of the 19th-century kingdom of Dahomey – located in present-day Benin – earned $19 million at the box office, according to preliminary figures from Exhibitor Relations released Sunday, Sept. 18.

Star Viola Davis plays Nanisca, a seasoned warrior who trains the next generation of recruits to fight a larger rival African kingdom and European slave traders.

The film largely stole the show from Barbarian, a low-budget horror film that topped the box office last week and landed in second place this week with $6.3 million from Friday, Sept. 16 to Sunday, Sept. 18.

In third place was the strange and bloody Pearl. Ti West’s film, which is about a farm stay, cinematic ambitions, axes, pitchforks and alligators… collected a little more than 3.1 million USD for its release.

Next came Coup de théâtre, a Searchlight comedy set in the 1950s London, where the adaptation of a play is interrupted by a series of murders, which a slightly tipsy detective and his overly passionate assistant try to solve. The film also took in some 3.1 million USD in revenue.

In fifth place was Bullet Train, an action film starring Brad Pitt from Sony, with 2.5 million USD.


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