The world of AI invites itself to Hollywood

April 27, 20231352 min

Leading director Joe Russo gets off his chest and declares that the possibilities offered by the development of AI in the film industry are significant and unstoppable.

Everyone is talking about AI, ChatGPT is everywhere, and the development of these assistive and suggestive technologies will have a growing impact on the film industry. That’s the safe assumption that Joe Russo, director with his brother Anthony of the last two Avengers and a major Hollywood producer, makes in a crossover interview with Donald Mustard, creative director of Epic Games, for Collider.

On the other hand, Russo doesn’t say anything very new about the use of technology in film, since machines have been an integral part of the art form since its inception. Joe Russo, who uses CGI extensively in his productions, does not mention any disadvantages to the use of AI, but points out new opportunities and a historical moment

There would probably be a lot to discuss about the obsolescence of his example, taken after his considerations about generation Z, and about the porosity between fiction and the real world that Joe Russo suggests when illustrating what AI could create. But rather enthusiastic about the idea, he even sees the production of a film entirely generated by an AI quite close.

According to him, two years seems to be the horizon, and Donald Mustard even suggests a shorter time…

Aviva Smadja

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