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The Consequences of the Writers’ Strike in Hollywood

Stranger Things fans are not happy. The series Stranger Things season 5 which will be the last one could arrive later than expected because of the writers’ strike that is currently raging in Hollywood. The Duffer brothers took to Twitter to inform fans. They stated, « After four seasons following the young heroes of Stranger Things, Netflix’s flagship series will come to an end with season 5. They will face Vecna one last time as the upside-down world partially devoured Hawkins in a Dantean duel in Season 4 that aired last summer. On the other hand, the series 5 to Eleven, could be postponed because of the new movement of large-scale strike of the writers which is currently held in Hollywood. Unfortunately, since May 1st, thousands of American screenwriters, working on movies or series, have stopped their activities. This strike movement follows unsuccessful discussions between the studios and the powerful writers’ union, the WGA (Writers Guild of America). The people who imagine the stories, including the scriptwriters, are asking in particular for an increase in salary and better working conditions. Two subjects, in particular, are at the origin of these protests: the work for streaming platforms which would have deteriorated, and the lack of sufficient guarantees concerning the future use of artificial intelligence for screenwriting. This large-scale revolt is causing delays in the planning of the studios, whether for films or TV series. And season 5 of Stranger Things is directly impacted. They have declared, the Duffers, have indeed confided on Twitter that the pre-production of new episodes was paused during the strike. The shooting that was supposed to start in a few weeks is in fact postponed. They hope that an agreement will be quickly found between the WGA and the studios to continue the work. The series, Stranger Things season 5 was to arrive in 2024 on Netflix (in the summer or fall). We understand with this message from the Duffer brothers that the release date could be pushed back if the filming gets delayed, which seems to be looming with this strike that is intensifying. The best prognosis announces, beginning of 2025 to find Hawkins and his upside-down world. We’ll keep you posted.
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